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Victoria Sponge, a brilliantly British bake.

In this months delicious magazine I saw this quote where the author was talking about the joy of a simple, traditional bake, and her grandmothers love of baking, I absolutely loved it. "There was always something in a tin. She didn't have a lot but she baked to dignify the day" I bake almost everyday, I tend to give most of it away to neighbours and friends, but for me baking does just that, it dignifies my day.

One of my all time favourite bakes. Perfect for all times of year and always, always delicious. Often requested and my mums favourite cake, so Mama C, this ones for you!

This cake uses the traditional method of weighing the eggs in their shell, and then using the same weight of flour, butter and sugar for your cake - couldn't be easier!

The below is for 1 Victoria sponge using two 8" sandwich tins


Difficulty : Easy


4 eggs

The same weight of eggs in:

Caster Sugar

Stork baking spread or softened unsalted butter

Self raising flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla essence or paste

For the filling

Jam of choice

buttercream or fresh whipped cream

Oven at 180*c, or 170 fan. 2 sandwich tins greased and lined.

1 - Weigh 4 eggs in their shells and note the weight. 2 - Use that exact weight of sugar and butter or stork and cream together till it starts to go light and fluffy. 3 - Add in the eggs (obviously no longer in their shells) along with vanilla extract or vanilla paste and mix well. 4 - Weigh the same amount of self raising flour out and sift with he baking powder and fold in. 5 - Split between the 2 tins and bake for about 20 minutes or until it lightly bounce back if you touch the top or a skewer comes out clean, leave to cool out their tins on a cooling rack.

6 - Once completely cool fill with whatever jam you fancy and whipped cream or a light buttercream (2 parts icing sugar, 1 part butter with a splash of vanilla essence, if its too thick add a TINY bit of water half teaspoon at a time)

7 - Sprinkle with icing sugar on top and enjoy.

Perfect with a brew, friends and family love it.

Tip - When baking do not ever slam the door of the oven. Your cakes will sink if you do Tip - For a completely flat top simply turn the top sandwich cake upside down so the bottom of the bake is facing upwards it gives for a much nicer finish.

Tip - if you're using fresh cream then your cake will have to be stored in the fridge - my advice is don't fill the cake until you're about to serve as cake in the fridge has a tendency to go dry! if you're using buttercream store your cake in an airtight tin out the fridge, it will stay light and moist for longer.


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