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Mexican inspired hot chocolate

I’m going to be bold and say it – this hot chocolate recipe is special!

Way back when (further back than I care to remember) I worked at Walt Disney World, and whilst knee deep in a Christmas season of 14 hour shifts a fabulous southern chef I worked with – Chef Mike - would make the most wonderful hot chocolate for us to enjoy whilst walking home. I cant tell you how heavenly it was to drink, creamy and rich, chocolatey and with a warming kick to it whilst trudging back through an empty Disney park at 2am. I’ve spent years recreating his delicious recipe and I’ve finally got it just right – it’s just the trick to enjoy on cold winter evenings and perfect for bonfire night get togethers!

As a bonus, its delicious cold too!

Top tip – fancy being boozy – dd in a shot of Irish cream to the mix!

Recipe – makes 3-4 mugs of hot chocolate

600ml whole milk

2 tablespoons single Cream

50g Sugar

20g Cocoa

90g grated or rough chopped dark chocolate

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

Pinch ground nutmeg

Pinch cayenne pepper

Marshmallows and whipped cream to top (optional)

1. In a small milk pan add all the ingredients and set over a low heat

2. Keep stirring gently, as the milk starts to heat up the chocolate will melt into it, keep stirring until everything is dissolved and the milk is hot.

3. Pour into mugs, add your toppings if using and enjoy!



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