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Festive Tiffin

Also known as biscuit cake, and invented in Scotland in the 19C this little chocolatey treat is just delightful – and every year around Christmas I cant resist adding a festive twist and making batches of it to give out as gifts.

Incredibly easy to make, kids love getting involved and you can be an inventive as you like with the toppings – I like a white and milk chocolate swirl and add edible glitter, but additions like metallic edible balls and crushed candy cane look great too!

No need for an oven either!

It lasts a long time in a sealed container so it's good to get you through the week too – that’s if you don't scran the lot in a day like I always do.

My top tip – don’t forget to line your tin or it’ll never come out!

220g unsalted butter

400g packet of digestive biscuits (or whatever you have, if you want to throw some ginger nuts, some hobnobs or biscoff in, then go ahead and make it up to 400g)

4 teaspoons cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate, actual cocoa powder)

3.5 tablespoons golden syrup

2 tablespoons of light brown or caster sugar

1/4 teaspoon each of ground cinnamon, ground ginger and mixed spice

1/2 teaspoon of good vanilla extract or vanilla paste (optional)

About 400g chocolate for the top along with whatever decorations you fancy!

Line a square sandwich or brownie tin - mine is a 12*8 inch brownie tin

1 - Blitz the digestives up into crumbs along with the ground spices

2 - Melt the butter along with the sugar, golden syrup, cocoa and vanilla if using

3 - Mix in the digestives and stir so everything is coated and press down well into a lined tin.

4 - Melt the chocolate and then pour over the top so it's a nice even layer

5 - Pop in the fridge to go solid and then cut up and enjoy.

If you fancy a twist – leave out the ground spices and instead of vanilla extract add in a teaspoon of peppermint extract and melt some after eights into the topping chocolate.

Get creative and enjoy!

This is super easy to make GF, just buy GF digestives, you may need an additional bit of butter if you do as they soak up more.



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