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Cider and bay slow cooked pulled pork

This fabulous slow-cooked pork recipe will be perfect to enjoy after a cold winter walk or to share with friends at a winter party. Perfect crammed into a brioche bun with some bbq sauce and carrot slaw, it's just as delicious over mash with some of those cooking juice and I love leftovers (if there ever is any) in a sandwich the next day too!

Serves 8

1.8kg boneless pork shoulder cut into large chunks

2 bay leaves

1tsp each of dried thyme, dried sage anddried oregano

¼ ground cinnamon

1 tbsp smoked paprika

150ml cider

200ml chicken stock

3 tbsp brown sugar

1. Oven at 175*c

2. In a small bowl stir the thyme, sage, oregano, cinnamon and smoked paprika together with a generous grinding of black pepper and a pinch of salt.

3. In a large lidded casserole dish or oven safe lidded pan brown the pork in batches and once all have been browned add them all back to the pan along with the spices and stir together til the pork is coated in the spices.

4. Add the brown sugar, chicken stock and cider. stir well then finally add the bay leaves and bring to a low bubble.

5. Place the lid on the dish and cook for 3-4 hours, checking every hour till it can be easily pulled apart with 2 forks. If you notice its getting to dry add some water a half cup at a time.

6. Once done take out the oven and remove the bay leaves. Pull all the pork apart and stir through with any juices left in the pan.

This can be made a day in advance and heated the next day, just add a ½ cup of water and cook for half hour hour on 160*.

It's also fine to sit for a few hours before serving - so its great to make in advance of a party!


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Nov 18, 2022

Can you do this in a slow-cooker? If so what are the timings? thanks!

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