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Coconut and lime poached chicken.

Coconut and lime poached chicken

This delicious dish is low cal but packs in LOADS of flavour and is quick to make. Gluten free so Coeliac friendly. Perfect for a midweek meal.

Lime, lemongrass and coconut milk poached chicken, with lime basmati and greens.

Yes Please

Serves 4


350g Basmati rice

2 veggie or chicken stock cubes

3 limes, 2 Zested and then juiced (keep the zest and the juice seperate) and 1 for serving

4 chicken breast

1 400ml tin coconut milk

3 lemongrass stalks bashed

1 birds eye or hot chilli sliced in half, seeds removed

4 kaffir lime leaves (optional and not integral to the dish if you don have/cant find)

veg of choice (I go for pak choi, Baby corn and mangetout, but whatever green veg you have would work fine)

fresh coriander to serve if you have

1 - Rinse and drain the basmati rice in some cold water. Put in a pan and cover with 700ml water mixed with 1 of the stock cubes, the lime juice and a generous pinch of salt.

2 - Put to boil, once boiling simmer with the lid on and then once absorbed turn off the heat, stir through half the lime zest and fluff up the rice. Leave covered.

3 - Whilst the rice is cooking put 4 good sized chicken breasts in a pan and cover with the coconut milk, 300ml boiling water with the other stock cube dissolved in, the lemongrass stalks, halved chilli, some salt and pepper, 4 kaffir lime leaves and the other half of the zest. Heat till boiling, then simmer till the chicken is cooked (about 10 mins)

4 - For the last few minutes add in the veg to the poaching pan.

5 - Bowl up the rice, chicken and veg and pour over A few tablespoon of the poaching coconut stock, and serve with with some lime quarters and a sprinkling of fresh coriander.

Poaching the chicken makes it very moist and tender and this dish is full of delicate flavours.

If you've got fussy little ones at home, this dish is good for them even without the veg, poaching the chicken locks in the goodness, and the dish uses no oil or frying methods.

Fresh raw veggies can also work well, I've had this as more of a Buddha bowl option before, finely grating some carrots and thinly sliced cucumber - which some kids tend to prefer.



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